Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ashes Quiz

q#1. England scored 45 runs in the 1st Innings of the Sydney Test (start date: 28 January 1887), Australia scored 63 runs in the 1st Innings of the Oval Test (start date: 28 August 1882), England score 75 runs in the 1st Innings of the Melbourne Test (start date: 29 December 1894). Amongst England vs Australia tests these are the lowest 1st Innings totals ................ ( complete the sentence).

q#2. Who is next on the list of highest run aggregators in England vs Australia tests after the great Sir Don Bradman?

q#3. Shane Warne, Denniss Lilee and Glenn Mc Grath lead the pack of leading wicket takers in the Ashes. Who leads the list for England?

q#4. He once famously said that "the aim of English cricket, is in fact, mainly, to beat Australia.". Can you identify this English bowler (picture on left)?

q#5. During the 1885 Ashes, what cricket term was used for the first time in test cricket?