Monday, January 29, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 4: Charities, Logos & Hat-tricks

Q – He took a wicket with his first ball in first class cricket. He made his debut for England in a one day international against Bangladesh in 2005, missing out on a hat-trick only by a freak occurrence: the hat-trick ball fell on to Mohammad Ashraful’s stumps, but did not dislodge a bail. He created a storm however, with this picture on the right, that appeared in Cosmo to promote the “Everyman Campaign” – a male cancer charity. Identify him.

Q – The guy in the centre (see pic on the left) was not a part of the Ashes winning England side but was on the open top bus that did the celebratory rounds post the win. Barmy Army planned to fly him out as a good luck charm for the 2006-07 Ashes series, but failed to find a sponsor for his ticket fare. Who is he and why was he on the bus?

Q – Who has the highest number of wickets not involving a fielder? And what is the form of dismissal (e.g. – lbw.kuruvilla)

Q – The BCCI logo is derived from the emblem of India’s highest order of chivalry (during the days of the British Raj) founded by Queen Victoria in 1861. What was the order called?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 3: Music, Royal Families & more

Cricket Quiz # 3
Q – When was the first one day international played and why? What were the number of overs per side and the balls per over?

Q – What is the name of the band Brett Lee plays in? Who are the other 2 cricketers in this band?

Q – Who is the only batsman in test history to have scored three centuries with a six?

Q - KS Ranjitsinhji, K S Duleepsinhji and Ajaysinhji Daulatsinhji all came from the royal family of Nawanagar, now known as Jamnagar. Who was the last member from this pedigree to have represented India ?
couresy: Sankalp

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

5 ouncers from a Cricket Fan in Kuala Lumpur

Cricket Quiz # 2
Q. What was burnt to create the Ashes? And what is the ashes urn made of?

Q. Which ex Indian cricket was nicknamed “Colonel”?

Q . This was one of the most hilarious things ever said by a commentator. “He is not playing today as he has a
problem with his testicles. The commentator was Ravi Shastri and it was the 1997 Sahara Cup at Toronto.
Can you recall the injured player's name?

Q. Who took the catch that prevented Sachin from becoming the youngest centurion in Test cricket?

Q. Name the spectator who Inzamam attacked for repeatedly being called aaloo (hindi for potato, an obvious reference to the rotundness of the great cricketer)
This CRICKET QUIZ is courtesy my friend, Sankalp. For his firs list of 5 ouncers, click here. Answers for both will be posted soon at CRICKET QUIZ ANSWERS

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cricket World Cup Quiz

Cricket Quiz # 1

Q.1 England has done it thrice, Australia twice, India, Pakistan & West Indies once each while Sri Lanka is the only team to have never done it. With respect to the Cricket World Cups, what are we talking about?

Q.2 In which World Cup did India play Pakistan for the first time?

Q.3 What happened when India played East Africa in the 1975 World Cup, something which had never happened before in the history of One-day Cricket?

Q.4 The bowler who sent down the maximum number of wides and no ball ( 60 in all) also ended up becoming the highest wicket taker in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Who?

Q.5 Clive Lloyd captained West Indies in the first 2 World Cups? Who did the honours for the West Indies in the 1983 edition?

Q.6 Connect the 2 pairs of cricketers: Shaukat Dukanwala - Salim Raza ( UAE ) & Sunil Gavaskar - Chetan Sharma ( India )

Q.7 Who won the Cricket World Cup's first Man of the Series award?

Q.8 One Scot player scored more runs than any England player in the 1999 World Cup!! Can you recall his name?

Q. 9 P, P, P, R, B, W are the initials of something ( which was stopped after the 1996 World Cup) in the chronological order. What are we talking about?

Q.10 Which non-wicket keeper has taken the maximum number of catches in the Cricket World Cups?

Click here for the answers