Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Twelfth Cricket Quiz

Q.1 Which Sri Lankan cricketer is also an ace bridge player - he represented his country in the previous Commonwealth Games?

Q.2 "Boanaventure and the flashing blade" - a children's novel was authored by which West Indian great?

Q.3 Who is the only cricketer to have scored two centuries in his 100th test?

Q.4 "_____ Speaks Out." Fill in the blank to get the name of Ian Chappell's latest book, which includes his discussions with Ashley Mallett on various facets of the game.

Q.5 "The best way to get away from a crisis and yet hold on to the reins without performance is to find a godfather who will save you in crisis and fool the entire world...This is how it has worked for me." Can you guess which current cricketer could have said that?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Fun Cricket Quiz

makhaya ntini cricket quiz # 11
roshni chopra
Q.1 Identify the lady on your left. (yes, it's still a cricket quiz)

Q.2 This bowler, who was obviously more than ready for his 300th wicket - on achieving the milestone undid his shirt buttons to show an undershirt which read "Moingi Express 300, You little beauty!" Can you tell me who is this bowler?

Q.3 Which team has effected the maximum number of dismisals through the use of a substitute fielder? ( I don't know if this gentleman was aware of this bit of statistics, but when this team's (the answer) captain not too far back in history effected yet another substitute , this gentleman we are talking about blew his fuse off. I guess he was only too right.

Q.4 The deceased Indian cricket Raman Lamba once made it to the record books for a funny reason, by his mere presence on the field - during the course of an India-England test match in England. Can you tell us how?

Q.5 The longest cricket match took place between England and South Africa in Durban. Played from March 3rd to March 14th 1939, the match was finally called off because of a reason you will now find quite hilarious. Can you guess what?

( i hope you noticed the fact that the world's longest cricket match ended in a draw!! this question i have sourced from an interesting site called
http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com, which obviously claims to be the world's longest domain name. I don't know much about the veracity of the last question and this world record claim - do forgive if the information is not quite right.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cricket Quiz no. 10

Q – Whose statue is this and it is outside which cricket ground?

Q - Who had the honour of facing the first ball ever bowled in test cricket? This guy also went on to score the first century in a test match and made 165 runs, which incidentally is the highest score by an Australian on test debut.

Q – Who was the first bowler in international cricket to take more than 400 wickets in both forms of the game?

Q – Who are the only two batsmen to score the winning runs in the world cup finals?

Q – The only batsman to have reached a score of 200 with a test career average of less than 20 is……
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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Trivia

In the Super Eight stage of the coming Cricket World Cup, as per the ICC schedule, on the 31st of March, team A1 will take on team B2. (the 16 teams have been divided into 4 groups - A, B, C and D). Group A comprises cricket teams from Australia, South Africa, Scotland & The Netherlands. In Group B are 3 teams from the Indian subcontinent alongwith Bermuda.

Say South Africa beats all the other 3 teams in its group in the first round and Australia defeat the Scots and the Dutch. In Group B, in every match the team that represents a larger piece of land beats the smaller one.
If Pakistan is not one of the teams which qualifies for the Super Eight match from Group B, which are the two teams that will compete in the Super Eight match that we mentioned at the very start of this problem?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another mail from Kuala Lumpur..Cricket Quiz # 8

Q - Who scored four sixes off Harbhajan Singh to match Kapil’s record of four consecutive sixes in a Test match?

Q - At a function for World Series Cricket, media mogul Kerry Packer once suggested that he put on a tie. After he replied infamously "I don't wear ties," Packer told him "You'll put one on for me, son.". Who is the player in question here? All of us have heard him commentating. (Ref Pic on left)

Q – The only two Orissa players to have made it to the Indian Test team are……..

Q – The ad is for which brand? (Ref Pic below)

Q - On the 1974 tour to England, this Indian opener was accused of stealing a pair of socks from Marks & Spencers. Who? (Ref Pic below)

Q - His first six test innings were 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, and 0. Remarkably he forced his way back into the Sri Lankan team, and has now scored 6 test double centuries - a feat bettered only by Don Bradman, Wally Hammond and Brian Lara. Who?

Q – He has probably been the only player cum coach in world cricket. Who? (Ref Pic below)

Q – Who was the first Indian bowler to take a five wicket haul in ODI’s?

Q – “It involves the deliberate and systematic targeting of the opposing team's captain, in the hope that if the captain is given out or rendered ineffective, it would lead to diminished respect for the captain's authority and the rest of their team losing morale and the will to win”. What is the specific term for this strategy?

Q – He was the first player ever to wear a helmet. Who?

Gong Xi Fa Cai,


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 7

Q – Who holds the record for being the only cricketer to have scored more than 5000+ runs, taken 100+ wickets, 100+ catches and having received 100+ caps in both forms of the game?

Q - Who was the first Pakistani batsman to score a century against India on Indian soil in a one day international?

Q – Which are the only two cricket teams have been dismissed twice in the same day of a test match?

Q – The first ball of the first world cup was bowled by…….

Q – He was among the first of the genuinely fast, fast bowlers and he bowled the last over of the first ever tied test match. Who? (Ref Picture on left)
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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 6: World Cup & more

Q – He was the first East Indian to represent West Indies and was probably the first right arm off break bowler who could spin the ball both ways. This spinner’s shirt was always neatly buttoned at the wrists and that for a long time was considered a part of his overall neatness. He later however admitted that the buttoning was in part to hide a perceptible chuck that he had. Who?

Q – Who has the record for the most number of sixes in the World Cup?

Q – What do David Boon, Ricky Ponting and Viv Richards have in common apropos the Cricket World Cup?

Q – The brother in law of the Australian swing bowler Terry Alderman, this umpire is best known amongst cricket followers for calling Muralitharan repeatedly for chucking. Who?

Q – His career average of 38.81 in ODI’s is the highest for any New Zealand batsman who has scored more than 2000 runs. Who is he? (Ref picture on right)
(courtesy: Sankalp Mehrotra)
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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 5

Q – Who are the only two Indian cricketers to have scored a century and taken five wickets in the same innings?

Q – An ex sheriff of Mumbai and a young Bangladeshi are the only two cricketers to be dismissed with the first delivery of a Test match on three occasions. Who?

Q – He has hit more sixes than Sir Gary Sobers, Graham Gooch, Martin Crowe and Sunil Gavaskar in test cricket. He has the record for the number of sixes for anyone with less than a 1000 test runs. He was one of the greatest bowlers ever. Who?

Q – On the grandest day, in the biggest competition of them all, he became the lord for a day. He made a blistering 86 from 66 balls. Never, for certain, has the great Sir Viv Richards, who was in royal form himself, been outshone quite so much. Identify this player. (Ref Pic on right)

Q - What is the common terminology used for running out the batsman when he is backing up at the non-strikers end?