Monday, June 23, 2008

1983 World Cup (Silver Jubilee) Cricket Quiz

Turnbridge Wells Cricket Ground( On your left is an artist's impression of the Turnbridge Wells Cricket Ground, much famous for Kapil's fabulous knock of 175*)

The average number of wides per match increased from 4.64 in the 1979 cricket World Cup to 9.59 in the 1983 edition. Why?

Which spinner made his limited overs debut in this World Cup bamboozling NewZealand with his haul of 4 for 21. In the next match he improved on his debut performance, taking 5 wickets for 44 runs, and helping his team win the match by 11 runs. Who are we talking about?

Q.3Kapil Dev, 1983 Cricket World Cup
How many matches did eventual winners India win in all in the 1983 cup?

Who co-umpired the final along with the revered DickyBird?

On your left is a famous image from the 1983 World Cup final match between India and the West Indies. Kapil Dev is trying to clear long on - does he or does he not? Who is the bowler?


Swami said...

2. Abdul qadir
3. 5?
5. He does not. The bowler is Larry Gomes

Bharath said...

1 they reduced the bowling crease width
3 4
4 david shepherd
5 no.. The bowler is viv richards


cricket updates said...


India played total 6 games including final and semifinal, they los one match each against WI and AUS.

The other Umpire of Final match was BJ Meyer ..

For more cricket Updates..

Lisa said...

I've linked to the blog for the sake of other peoples who might enjoy testing their knowledge of cricket