Tuesday, January 23, 2007

5 ouncers from a Cricket Fan in Kuala Lumpur

Cricket Quiz # 2
Q. What was burnt to create the Ashes? And what is the ashes urn made of?

Q. Which ex Indian cricket was nicknamed “Colonel”?

Q . This was one of the most hilarious things ever said by a commentator. “He is not playing today as he has a
problem with his testicles. The commentator was Ravi Shastri and it was the 1997 Sahara Cup at Toronto.
Can you recall the injured player's name?

Q. Who took the catch that prevented Sachin from becoming the youngest centurion in Test cricket?

Q. Name the spectator who Inzamam attacked for repeatedly being called aaloo (hindi for potato, an obvious reference to the rotundness of the great cricketer)
This CRICKET QUIZ is courtesy my friend, Sankalp. For his firs list of 5 ouncers, click here. Answers for both will be posted soon at CRICKET QUIZ ANSWERS

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