Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cricket World Cup Quiz

Cricket Quiz # 1

Q.1 England has done it thrice, Australia twice, India, Pakistan & West Indies once each while Sri Lanka is the only team to have never done it. With respect to the Cricket World Cups, what are we talking about?

Q.2 In which World Cup did India play Pakistan for the first time?

Q.3 What happened when India played East Africa in the 1975 World Cup, something which had never happened before in the history of One-day Cricket?

Q.4 The bowler who sent down the maximum number of wides and no ball ( 60 in all) also ended up becoming the highest wicket taker in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Who?

Q.5 Clive Lloyd captained West Indies in the first 2 World Cups? Who did the honours for the West Indies in the 1983 edition?

Q.6 Connect the 2 pairs of cricketers: Shaukat Dukanwala - Salim Raza ( UAE ) & Sunil Gavaskar - Chetan Sharma ( India )

Q.7 Who won the Cricket World Cup's first Man of the Series award?

Q.8 One Scot player scored more runs than any England player in the 1999 World Cup!! Can you recall his name?

Q. 9 P, P, P, R, B, W are the initials of something ( which was stopped after the 1996 World Cup) in the chronological order. What are we talking about?

Q.10 Which non-wicket keeper has taken the maximum number of catches in the Cricket World Cups?

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