Monday, January 29, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 4: Charities, Logos & Hat-tricks

Q – He took a wicket with his first ball in first class cricket. He made his debut for England in a one day international against Bangladesh in 2005, missing out on a hat-trick only by a freak occurrence: the hat-trick ball fell on to Mohammad Ashraful’s stumps, but did not dislodge a bail. He created a storm however, with this picture on the right, that appeared in Cosmo to promote the “Everyman Campaign” – a male cancer charity. Identify him.

Q – The guy in the centre (see pic on the left) was not a part of the Ashes winning England side but was on the open top bus that did the celebratory rounds post the win. Barmy Army planned to fly him out as a good luck charm for the 2006-07 Ashes series, but failed to find a sponsor for his ticket fare. Who is he and why was he on the bus?

Q – Who has the highest number of wickets not involving a fielder? And what is the form of dismissal (e.g. – lbw.kuruvilla)

Q – The BCCI logo is derived from the emblem of India’s highest order of chivalry (during the days of the British Raj) founded by Queen Victoria in 1861. What was the order called?

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Homer said...

1. Chris Tremlett
2. Gary Pratt
3. Murali?
4. Victoria Cross