Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 5

Q – Who are the only two Indian cricketers to have scored a century and taken five wickets in the same innings?

Q – An ex sheriff of Mumbai and a young Bangladeshi are the only two cricketers to be dismissed with the first delivery of a Test match on three occasions. Who?

Q – He has hit more sixes than Sir Gary Sobers, Graham Gooch, Martin Crowe and Sunil Gavaskar in test cricket. He has the record for the number of sixes for anyone with less than a 1000 test runs. He was one of the greatest bowlers ever. Who?

Q – On the grandest day, in the biggest competition of them all, he became the lord for a day. He made a blistering 86 from 66 balls. Never, for certain, has the great Sir Viv Richards, who was in royal form himself, been outshone quite so much. Identify this player. (Ref Pic on right)

Q - What is the common terminology used for running out the batsman when he is backing up at the non-strikers end?

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