Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Fun Cricket Quiz

makhaya ntini cricket quiz # 11
roshni chopra
Q.1 Identify the lady on your left. (yes, it's still a cricket quiz)

Q.2 This bowler, who was obviously more than ready for his 300th wicket - on achieving the milestone undid his shirt buttons to show an undershirt which read "Moingi Express 300, You little beauty!" Can you tell me who is this bowler?

Q.3 Which team has effected the maximum number of dismisals through the use of a substitute fielder? ( I don't know if this gentleman was aware of this bit of statistics, but when this team's (the answer) captain not too far back in history effected yet another substitute , this gentleman we are talking about blew his fuse off. I guess he was only too right.

Q.4 The deceased Indian cricket Raman Lamba once made it to the record books for a funny reason, by his mere presence on the field - during the course of an India-England test match in England. Can you tell us how?

Q.5 The longest cricket match took place between England and South Africa in Durban. Played from March 3rd to March 14th 1939, the match was finally called off because of a reason you will now find quite hilarious. Can you guess what?

( i hope you noticed the fact that the world's longest cricket match ended in a draw!! this question i have sourced from an interesting site called, which obviously claims to be the world's longest domain name. I don't know much about the veracity of the last question and this world record claim - do forgive if the information is not quite right.


Gana said...

last one : England has to catch their ship and so declared the timeless match as draw and headed to their ship

WhO ElsE said...
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WhO ElsE said...

1. Roshni Chopra. She was the host of DD Fourth Umpire along with Charu Sharma.

2. Makhaya Ntini

5. England players had to leave to catch the ship back to their country.

Amit Bajaj said...

Gana is right and so is Who else..had never really anticipated that Roshni Chopra would be identified, but then Who else but you could have done it?!!

Kartikeya said...

3. England (referring to Gary Pratt?)

Akshay S Dinesh said...

Hello Mr. Blogger. The answer to the first question is as simple as rolling your mouse over the picture and reading the name of the file it links to.