Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 6: World Cup & more

Q – He was the first East Indian to represent West Indies and was probably the first right arm off break bowler who could spin the ball both ways. This spinner’s shirt was always neatly buttoned at the wrists and that for a long time was considered a part of his overall neatness. He later however admitted that the buttoning was in part to hide a perceptible chuck that he had. Who?

Q – Who has the record for the most number of sixes in the World Cup?

Q – What do David Boon, Ricky Ponting and Viv Richards have in common apropos the Cricket World Cup?

Q – The brother in law of the Australian swing bowler Terry Alderman, this umpire is best known amongst cricket followers for calling Muralitharan repeatedly for chucking. Who?

Q – His career average of 38.81 in ODI’s is the highest for any New Zealand batsman who has scored more than 2000 runs. Who is he? (Ref picture on right)
(courtesy: Sankalp Mehrotra)
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