Friday, February 16, 2007

Another mail from Kuala Lumpur..Cricket Quiz # 8

Q - Who scored four sixes off Harbhajan Singh to match Kapil’s record of four consecutive sixes in a Test match?

Q - At a function for World Series Cricket, media mogul Kerry Packer once suggested that he put on a tie. After he replied infamously "I don't wear ties," Packer told him "You'll put one on for me, son.". Who is the player in question here? All of us have heard him commentating. (Ref Pic on left)

Q – The only two Orissa players to have made it to the Indian Test team are……..

Q – The ad is for which brand? (Ref Pic below)

Q - On the 1974 tour to England, this Indian opener was accused of stealing a pair of socks from Marks & Spencers. Who? (Ref Pic below)

Q - His first six test innings were 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, and 0. Remarkably he forced his way back into the Sri Lankan team, and has now scored 6 test double centuries - a feat bettered only by Don Bradman, Wally Hammond and Brian Lara. Who?

Q – He has probably been the only player cum coach in world cricket. Who? (Ref Pic below)

Q – Who was the first Indian bowler to take a five wicket haul in ODI’s?

Q – “It involves the deliberate and systematic targeting of the opposing team's captain, in the hope that if the captain is given out or rendered ineffective, it would lead to diminished respect for the captain's authority and the rest of their team losing morale and the will to win”. What is the specific term for this strategy?

Q – He was the first player ever to wear a helmet. Who?

Gong Xi Fa Cai,


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Homer said...

1. Shahid Afridi
3.Debasis Mohanty and Shiv Sundar Das
5.Suru Nayak
6. Marvan Attapattu
7. Dave Houghton
8. Mental Disintegration
9. Tony Greig ?

Amit Bajaj said...

Quite a few sound right..dont know myself waiting for sanlakp to come back from his "chinese new year" vacation and enlighten us with his cricketing pearls

Kartikeya said...

2. David Hookes

The last one is Graham Yallop i think though it could also be Graeme Wood - both Australians. I think it is Yallop though, when the Packer Australians were away and the Ashes were being played.

Kartikeya said...

5 wickets in an ODI...... lemme hazard another guess... Kapil in the 83 world cup... i think it was against the Aussies.

shakester said...

ah.. a fun blog, this!

samir said...

#5 is Sudhir Naik

Homer said...

I suck!!! :(

Amit Bajaj said...

cricket sucks us all in..

Anonymous said...

2. David Hookes