Thursday, February 22, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Trivia

In the Super Eight stage of the coming Cricket World Cup, as per the ICC schedule, on the 31st of March, team A1 will take on team B2. (the 16 teams have been divided into 4 groups - A, B, C and D). Group A comprises cricket teams from Australia, South Africa, Scotland & The Netherlands. In Group B are 3 teams from the Indian subcontinent alongwith Bermuda.

Say South Africa beats all the other 3 teams in its group in the first round and Australia defeat the Scots and the Dutch. In Group B, in every match the team that represents a larger piece of land beats the smaller one.
If Pakistan is not one of the teams which qualifies for the Super Eight match from Group B, which are the two teams that will compete in the Super Eight match that we mentioned at the very start of this problem?


Homer said...

India and Bangladesh

Amit Bajaj said...

nope Homer..that ain't right. it's a little tricky (btw the 2 teams have to be from different groups)

Homer said...

Australia v India

I went back to your post at cricketnewsplus and then the ICC website..

ding!!! I got the answer :)

Amit Bajaj said...

thats bang on.. that new rule is confusing as hell. did u understand it completely? i am not so sure about it yet.

Homer said...

i did not even try to understand it :)