Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Twelfth Cricket Quiz

Q.1 Which Sri Lankan cricketer is also an ace bridge player - he represented his country in the previous Commonwealth Games?

Q.2 "Boanaventure and the flashing blade" - a children's novel was authored by which West Indian great?

Q.3 Who is the only cricketer to have scored two centuries in his 100th test?

Q.4 "_____ Speaks Out." Fill in the blank to get the name of Ian Chappell's latest book, which includes his discussions with Ashley Mallett on various facets of the game.

Q.5 "The best way to get away from a crisis and yet hold on to the reins without performance is to find a godfather who will save you in crisis and fool the entire world...This is how it has worked for me." Can you guess which current cricketer could have said that?


Kartikeya said...

2. Sobers
3. Ponting
4. Chappelli
5. Ganguly :P

WhO ElsE said...

1. Ashantha de Mel