Thursday, March 1, 2007

World Cup Cricket 1975 Quiz

Cricket Quiz # 13

q#1 As Clive Lloyd sped to a hundred in the final against Australia, one person remained completely sedate at the other end, remaining scoreless for 11 overs, though he did score a half-century. Who?
q#2 Glenn Turner averaged 166.5 in the first edition of the Cup, thanks to his record and very famous 171 against East Africa. Who averaged over a hundred for India?
q#3 East Africa, like the West Indies is not a political entity but a group of nations who came together and played cricket together under one banner. Which three countries comprised East Africa?
q#4 He hooked a Dennis Lilee bouncer for six, slipped and fell on his wickets, out hit wicket. Can you recollect who?
q#5 A simple one to end the quiz - Who captained the English team?


WhO ElsE said...

1. The great Rohan Kanhai
2. SM Gavaskar. I was as surprised as anyone else :)
3. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
4. Roy Fredricks, i think!
5. Mike Denness

Kartikeya said...

Fredericks is right..... Its one of the most famous photos of the hook shot being played..... - only 1 heel touching the ground as Fredericks falls over and dislodges a bail...