Friday, March 9, 2007

1983 World Cup Quiz

Quiz no.16
question no.1
194, 318, 237, 168, 148, 161, 98, 117, 126 & 71 - This series of numbers is related to a record/records for World Cup Cricket. Of these numbers, the last 2 are related to the 1983 World Cup. Can you throw some light on the importance of these numbers? Which players were involved with the last 2 records?

question no.2
What kind of grounds were employed for the first time to host World Cup matches?

question no.3
One team managed to reach the semis by the thinnest of margins - they had scored 0.08 runs per over more than another team which had an equal number of points. Which team? Which was the unlucky team?

question no.4
Who ended up with the maximum wickets for the winners, India?

question no.5
Who captained Zimbabwe?
Just in case you thought that the first one was not a pure 1983 World Cup question, there is a bonus question. It might either be very easy for you or very tough!!

Identify the person holding the Prudential World Cup 1983 and the lady on his right.


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Kartikeya said...

1. Im not absolutely sure and im resisting the temptation to look this up.... so here's my guess...

These are partnership records for each wicket possibly... 126 and 71 being the partnerhips established by Kapil Dev along with Kirmani and Madan Lal(?) during his 175 at Tunbridge Wells against Zimbabwe

2. County grounds were used for the first time in 1983?

3. Pakistan and i think the team that missed out was New Zealand

4. Roger Binny?

5. Duncan Fletcher?

Bonus - Kapil and Mrs Gandhi?

Amit Bajaj said...

wow kartik...that's close to just got the indian captain and the President mixed up..that is the late Zail Singh

Kartikeya said...

Oh..... i thought the Sherwani was odd... but i couldn't figure out how anyone other than Kapil or one of the team members could be holding the cup...

Amit Bajaj said...

that's a pertinent point you have raised..never thought about that..but why not? isn't that as much mine and your cup as Kapil's? I guess any proud Indian should be allowed to hold it.

Kartikeya said...

The way i see it - it has to be earned, and only those who earn it, should show it off. The Indian cricket team of 1983 won the World Cup. The supporters merely enjoyed their success.

Similarly in 2007, if India wins, i wouldn't want to see the Prime Minister or the President posing with the World Cup.

That should remain the honor of the players.

Just my view though..

Kartikeya said...

You should probably extend Question 1 and ask people to name the players involved in those stands....

Let me try and guess whatever i can....

194 - Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes v Pakistan in 1992

318 - Dravid and Ganguly against SL in 2003

237 - not sure didn't the Waugh brothers have a double century stand against Kenya in 1996?

the rest are hard...