Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"India vs Bangladesh" - A Cricket Quiz

q # 1
India first played Bangladesh in a One-day International in Chittagong, the next encounter between the two teams was in Chandigarh and the third one further west, in Sharjah. What was common between these 3 matches?

q # 2
The next match, which was the 4th Indo-Bangla ODI took place in a stadium which was used as an aerodrome by the Allied forces during the second world war. If i had included this match in my previous question, the answer to that question would still not change. Identify the venue.

q # 3
The photograph on the left is from a match that took place on 21st July 2004. You just need to tell me the name of the batsman.
q # 4
Both teams played a best of three series in 2004-05. India won the series 2-1. Who was the man of the series?

q # 5
What cricket norm will get flouted when India tour Bangladesh just after the 2007 World Cup? ( this may not be a pure-pure quiz question )


Kartikeya said...

2. Sinhalese Sports Club at Colombo was an allied airfield in WWII. I suppose thats where this game was played.

3. Tendulkar

4. Kaif?

5. The Test Match Cycle - this will be Indias second consecutive tour to Bangladesh, with no home series against Bangladesh in between.

WhO ElsE said...

Karthikeya - Great answers.. Md Kaif is also correct. His run out in his 40s cost India the 2nd one dayer...

Tintin said...

1. Off the top of the head, it is either that India won by nine wicket s or that NS Sidhu won the MoM. If I have to pick one (and from the way the Q.2 is framed), I'll go for nine wickets.

Tintin said...
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Tintin said...

Noticed only now that the answers are already out (and that I am wrong) :-/

Tintin said...

Sorry about spamming. Checked the scorecards and 9 wickets is also right, though Sidhu was MOM only for the first two matches.

Amit Bajaj said...

that was a valiant attempt, Tintin. By no stretch would you qualify for the word called spamming..keep coming, keep spamming tintin style

and karthikeya, you seem to be one hell of a cricket buff. silly me, i thought the first one was the easiest of the lot.

Tintin said...

When will the next quiz be up ? I want to try it before Kartikeya does :)

Amit Bajaj said...

Even i don't know yet when i'm going to create the next one..if i wish i could add your e-mail id to my "post my posts" so that u start getting info of new postings here

VeeKay said...

I see the first is not yet answered ...

All meetings were in the Asia Cup

Anonymous said...

ans 1=india won all the 3 matches and all the matches wereday night encounters.
ans 2=bangabandhu stadium ,dhaka
ans 3=sachin tendulkar
ans 4=yuvraj singh
ans 5=this is the first time a coutry has lost to a minnow in a wc and touring it in the very next time...this has never happened