Monday, March 12, 2007

The Reliance World Cup 1987 Quiz

Quiz No.17

1. Which 20 year old played his only 2 one-day internationals for Australia during the 1987 World Cup and retired from first class cricket before attaining the age of 23?

2. Two players made their debut in the same match - one finished the tournament with an average of 55 and the other at a mere 5. Who? ( In case that's turning out to be too vague, scroll down for a hint)

3. Prabhakar, Maninder, Shastri and Kapil did the bulk of India's bowling. Besides them there was another player who bowled pretty regulary for India through the tournament, taking in all 5 wickets. If we are not talking of either Laxman Siva Rama Krishnan or Chetan Sharma, who could that be?

4. One-day centuries were a rare commodity those days. Even for Australia, the winners of the 1987 World Cup just one batsman scored any century. Who? ( He did it twice)

5. Though there were 3 players from India who didn't score a single run, there was only one who never got a chance to bat. Who? He played two matches for India. ( This was an indication of India's bench strength for the 1987 Cup, everybody played, at least once)

Hint for Q.2
One of them is hugely involved with another team during the current World Cup in West Indies.


Kartikeya said...

1. Andrew Zesers (i just read about him in Waugh's autobiography :) )
2. Sidhu and Moody
3. Binny(?)
4. Geoff Marsh (I think he also became the first batsman to bat thru 50 overs of an ODI game.... Glenn Turner did it before him in a 55 or 60 over game when he made 171... i think Gordon Greenidge did it in Jamshedpur against India - but that was also a 45 over game)

5. LS or Maninder ... i'll go with LS..... (all the others were pretty much all rounders -Prabhakar, Chetan Sharma, Shastri... Maninder played more than LS and must have batted in that famous 1 run defeat to Australia).

Amit Bajaj said...

kartik, you are brilliant man. just that binny bit is not right..thats actually azharuddin..but i'd grant it..i'm not sure if i crafted the question in the best possible way though its technically sound.

Kartikeya said...

Yeh.... binny was purely a guess - i had no idea as to how many wickets he'd taken.