Monday, March 5, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 15

masaba,cricket quizQ – His brother was a successful fast bowler and his nephew still plays for the South African team. This ex player has the highest average in Test cricket behind Don Bradman and Mike Hussey. Who?

Q – Who is “Masaba” ( the lady on the left) and how is she related to Bollywood and West Indian cricket?

Q - During the Second World War, for the Monte Cassino (Italy) attack against the Germans, his name was featured in the code to launch the attack. The coded message was "------------- is batting tomorrow".

Q – If you got the last one, this one should be easy. The General Manager of ABC was his friend and he made what number the PO box no. of ABC in every capital?

Q – Who was the fastest to reach the milestones of 100, 150, 200 and 250 wickets in ODI’s? He is the only spinner to have taken a hat trick in ODI’s and one of the only three bowlers to have taken two ODI hat tricks.
(courtesy: Sankalp)
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WhO ElsE said...

1. Greame Pollock
2. Masaba is the daughter of Viv Richards and Neena Gupta
3. Bradman
4. Bradman again... The PO box number 9994 is his test average 99.94
5. Saqlain Mushtaq