Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Benson & Hedges Cricket World Cup - 1992

1. Five players who played in the 1992 Cup can be seen in action in the current World Cup (2007, just in case someone reaches here through google 4 years or more later!). Tendulkar, Jayasuriya, Lara, Inzamam and _____ ?

2. "I have never ever seen more happening on a single delivery of a cricket match". The Oz captain, Allan Border made this statement overwhelmed by the happenings on the last ball of a very exciting match. What was he referring to?
( this are not his exact words, but rephrased from memory)

3. Which team finished fifth in the overall standings after the preliminary stage? (they missed out by a single point)

4. "Born Cape Town, 28 April 1968. LHB, occasional RSM or OB, WK. First-class career since 1986/87, 83 matches".
This is an extract from the description of a player who participated in the 1992 World Cup. Who could it be?

5. He gave no byes, took no catches, didn't effect any stumpings but was involved in the winning run-out and this was his first and only appearance in the World Cup as the wicket keeper. Who?

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HIMANSHU said...
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HIMANSHU said...

(1)Anil Kumble
(3) West Indies
(4) Dev richardson

HIMANSHU said...

(1)Anil Kumble
(3) West Indies
(4) Dev richardson

WhO ElsE said...

2. I think he was referring to the match against India, in which Srinath launched Moody towards cow corner, where Steve Waugh dropped the catch, but was smrat enuf to fire in a good return to run out Raju. India fell short by a single run.
3. Australia ?
4. Kepler Wessels ?
5. David Boon, against India

Racking my brains for the first answer.....

WhO ElsE said...

1. Andy Cummins.. Phew!

HIMANSHU said...

5: javed Miandad

Homer said...


I a like the very last person to reach the website every time a new set of questions is posted.Damn Google Reader!!!

Amit Bajaj said...

Phew! Who Else cracks it again..well almost - except one, wessels ain't right. Himanhsu, i think WI had the same points as Aus but lower NRR. And Homer - wishing you better luck for the 1996 quiz.

Tintin said...

You have company, homer, though I think I am *the* last :)

Since moderation is on, will it be possible to keep the comments unapproved for a couple of days so that more people can have a try ?